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Local News - March 4, 2015

Dube Trial

(Bangor) - A State Police detective dominated the day at the Kyle Dube murder trial yesterday, testifying that Facebook posts and text messages from the accused killer to victim Nichole Cable both came from Dube's cell phone. The Bangor Daily News reports Detective Kyle Willett testified that he analyzed Dube's cell phone and records and determined that a Facebook message purportedly sent by another young man to Cable actually came from Dube's phone. Prosecutors say Dube set up the fake Facebook account to lure Cable outside and then he killed her.

Selectman Resigns

(Steuben) - One of the three Selectmen in Steuben has submitted his resignation. The Ellsworth American reports David Glass was only able to attend one of the six Selectmen's meetings since last November. Voters at the annual town meeting will consider a recall ordinance that was crafted in reaction to Glass's attendance issues. In his resignation letter, Glass said ongoing life events kept him from attending meetings.

Bucksport EBS roof collapses

(Bucksport) A roof at a Bucksport hardware store has caved in. Newscenter2 reports EBS must either repair or replace the roof. The Branch manager says the roof trusses started to give way and while they worked to clear snow from the roof it collapsed. The warehouse is unsafe and the lumber inside can't be accessed for deliveries. Warehouses in Ellsworth, Belfast, and Blue Hill will be used to in the interim. EBS officials say they will secure the building and salvage lumber and build a temporary shelter to store the supplies.


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Maine's transportation officials say the state must double the amount of money it spends on bridges to ensure their safety and prevent significant long-term costs. The Maine Department of Transportation currently dedicates about $70 million a year for bridge replacement and maintenance projects. But a recent report by the department says it needs at least $140 million to slow deterioration and improve Maine's bridges. Commissioner David Bernhardt told lawmakers on the Transportation Committee on Tuesday that the report is just the beginning of a conversation the state needs to have on this issue. Bernhardt said part of the solution will likely come from bonds and reallocating money that's dedicated to roads. Kimberly Grindle, Star 97- News.

Cain Running Again

(Bangor) - Democrat Emily Cain says she's going to try again for a seat in Congress. Cain lost to Republican Bruce Poliquin last November and said while it's early to be thinking about the 2016 election, there is no reason to wait to announce her intent. The former State Senator says she'll be putting her campaign team together for the next few months.

Former Sheriff Plea

(Machias) - A no-show for former Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith in court yesterday - his attorney appeared on Smith's behalf. Smith is accused of driving to endanger in a case involving a Lubec woman he'd arrested weeks before in connection with a school bus altercation. His attorney asked for a jury trial which will happen in April. Smith is also accused of harassing former employees by phoning and texting obscenity laden messages.

Domestic Violence Plea

(Stockton Springs) A Stockton Springs man who threatened to a kill a woman and her child will spend a year and a half years behind bars. WABI-TV reports 23 year old Tyler Damon plead guilty to domestic violence terrorizing last week. In August, he threatened to kill a woman, her boyfriend, and one of her children on Facebook. The woman had filed a protection order against Damon the month before the incident.

King reax to Netanyahu

WASHINGTON (AP) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the United States and President Barack Obama for aiding Israel, and warned of the threat that Iran poses to Israel's survival. Netanyahu said he regretted that the speech was perceived as political. Maine's Independent Senator Angus King says Netanyahu made a strong speech. Netanyahu spoke as the United States and other Western nations engaged in negotiations with Iran to curb its nuclear program.

Flooding in Hancock County

(Undated) With all the snow pack in Downeast Maine, you might expect lots of flooding come spring time. But Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Director Andy Sankey tells Star 97.7, that's not necessarily true. Sankey says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting normal temperatures come spring that will gradually melt down the white stuff. Sankey says while the outlook for flooding in Downeast Maine is above normal, NOAA will continue to monitor the weather for any unexpected rapid warm spells.

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